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ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)
  • ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)

ICU Ventilator(W/O compressor)


Technical Specifications   

Ventilation mode for adult,pediatric&infant

VCV, VC-SIMV,PCV,PC-SIMV,PSV/CPAP with auto Apnea backup

APRV, PRVC,SIMV-PRVC,Duovent,SmartVent(optional)


nSIMV (Optional),Standby

ETS option under pressure mode    

Descripción de productos


●A wide range of ventilation at adult,pediatric and infant

●Easy to use interface design,12.1 color touch-screen TFT display and shuttle knob design, quick and efficient operation

●Integrated expiration module build-in heating system could be sterilized whole, ensure use safely and no cross-infection; no-water design, guarantee the precious detection. 

●Pressure, volume, time respiratory mode security, could inspect pressure in inspiratory phase, volume, time exceed the regulated value, turn into expiratory, ensure patient safety. 

●Simultaneously display of Three Waveforms&Two Loops,ETCO2 &SPO2

●High precious sensor and valve technology make sure the pressure ,flow and volume monitor and control at high safety, stability and precision

●With sensitive pressure and flow double trigger function.

●Build-in inspiratory and expiratory flow sensor, durable and water coagulation resistant.

●Maintenance-free imported flow sensor with heating and filtration technology

●Adjust SmartVent function automatically, adjust inspiratory pressure and breathing frequency, approaching the target tidal volume and minute ventilator. 

●Three-level visual and audible alarm information system

●With Inspiration hold&Expiration hold,Manuel Breath and 100% O2 Flushing

●Lowest in class bias flow 2.0lpm,low O2 consumption

●Automatic tube&leakage compensation technology

●Upgradable to main stream Capnography(EtCO2)&Pulse Oximetry(SPO2

●With Non-invasive and invasive ventilation function

●Automatically inspiratory synchronous nebulizing function, nebulizing time adjustable;with tidal volume compensation(1-30 min)

●Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply 2 hours to the unit.

Patient Type:Adult,Pediatric,infant(optional)

Tidal volume:Adult 150-2000ml; Pediatric 20-350ml; Infant:2-100ml

Frequency:Adult:1-100 bpm; Pediatric1-150 bpm; Infant:1-200bpm

Inspiration time:Adult&pediatric 0.1-12s,infant:0.1-3s

Monitoring parameter:Ppeak,Pmean,Pplat,PEEP,Vti,Vte,MVe,MV_cont.,MV_spont,  F_Ppeak_insp,F_Peak_Exp,Leak%,Freq,F_cont,F_spont,%F_Spont,I:E,Ti,Te,Ti/T total,FiO2,(SPO2,EtCO2-Optional),Cstat,Cdyn,Rins,Rexp,RSBI,WOB,Auto PEEP,MIP,PO.1   

Alarm:Audio and visual alarms

Volumes:VTe high/low.Mv MV high/low,TIdal volume not reached,HIgh leak,

Pressure:Peak Pressure high/low,Pressure limitation.O2 supply high/low/fail,Air supply pressure high/low/fail,Apnea,Apnea Backup,Freq high/low,FiO2 High/low,Circle Block,Circuit disconnection

Power:AC power fail,Low battery,Battery too low   FIO2:21%-100%(0-5 minutes)

Flow Trigger:0-20L/min                        Pressure Trigger:-20-0 cmH2O

Pressure Control:5-120 cmH2O                 Pressure Support:5-120 cmH2O

I:E ratio:1:9.9-9.9:1                          Electronic PEEP:0-50 cmH2O

Nebulizer:0-30 minutes(optional)        100% O2:0-5 minutes

Waveforms:P-T,F-T,V-T,ETCO2 &SPO2(Optional) Loops: P-V,P-V,P-F(optional)

Recall/Reviews: 1500 alarm events,

   72 hours Trend Numerical&Graphical(optional)

   72 hours Breath to Breath Waveform Review(Optional)

General info:

Communication Interface:VGA,USB,RJ45  

Net weight:12kg    Battery:120 minutes

Air/Oxygen Gas supply:2.4 to 6.0 bar,Air compressor(Optional)